Customer is a UN Agency located in Italy, Rome.


They use MCubo Energy To monitor energy Consumption & Environmental measures for their 10 Floors building. MCubo Energy is used to monitor:


  • Power meters
  • Water meters
  • Gas meters
  • Fridge groups
  • Air conditioning
  • UPS
  • Internal Temperature & Humidity sensors
  • External Temperature & Humidity sensors
  • Irradiation sensors
  • CO2 sensors


Since customer already installed several Sensors & multimeters, we integrated then in the MCubo Energy platform.


Harpa collaborated with company’s logistic services to streamline installation timeframe & cost saving, helping them to configure old energy equipment and to connect them to MCubo Energy.


Customer is using MCubo Energy to have:


  • a real time  at a glance view about power & water consumption, with threshold alarms for High power & water consumption;
  • a  Building Management System (BMS), by including in it alarms generated by heterogeneous devices (Such as proximity sensors and similar).


Mcubo Energy was Key to obtain “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” certification (LEED) for pre-existent building: operation & maintenance (EB:OM).


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