Customer is one of the  biggest Gaming Company in Italy & Worldwide.


Core business of the company is nationwide Gaming service delivery (24h a day), with very high financial impact in case of service fault or interruption. That’s why customer needs to be real-time alerted in case of energy issues or environmental parameters changes occurring in its CED.


Moreover, since company is ISO 14000 certified, they need to monitor, verify and report information data to inform company management and maintain ISO 14000 certification.


Due to its high dynamic essence, customer always needs to have all energy equipments at its fingertips.


They decided to implement MCubo Energy, and using it also for various sensors already installed in the CED. From main site they can centrally control each & every local site on italian territory.


Currently they are monitoring:


  • Rack power supply pole switch.
  • Cabin switches
  • Electric generator
  • Power meters
  • Water meters
  • Gas meters
  • Fridge groups
  • Air conditioning
  • UPS
  • Internal Temperature & Humidity sensors
  • External Temperature & Humidity sensors


Harpa collaborated with company’s logistic services to streamline installation time frame & cost saving, helping them to configure old energy equipment and to connect them to MCubo Energy.


Thanks to MCubo Energy Now customer is able to:


  • operate custom controls and receive near real-time notifications for energy malfunctions;
  • perform energy equipment Asset Management.
  • Create data analysis & support reports requested by certification bodies.


Using MCubo Energy, last year we saved 15% energy costs expenses.

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